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Theater in Quarantine is a digital performance laboratory based out of an East Village closet measuring 8 sq. feet. Since the shut down in March 2020 the closet has produced nearly 20 different live-stream productions, worked with "a New York rogue’s gallery of experimental makers and designers," has reached audiences across the globe, and has been featured in The New York Times, Vulture, and The New Yorker.


Theater in Quarantine "makes confinement a virtue, a prompt to imagination." Helen Shaw, Vulture, NYMag


"Virtuosic — The closet has produced some of the new medium's most imaginative work." Jesse Green, New York Times


Joshua William Gelb, Founder/Co-Creative Director

Katie Rose McLaughlin, Co-Creative Director

Morgan Lindsey Tachco, Creative Producer

Brian Bose, Social Media Manager